Consumer Protection

Before making a purchase:

  • Compare brands and shop around. Ask for word-of-mouth recommendations and look for formal product comparison reports.
  • Compare stores. Look for a store with a good reputation and plan ahead to take advantage of sales. Find out if the company is reputable.
  • Check for any extra charges, such as delivery fees, installation and service charges.
  • It is advisable to have the delivery date specified in writing.
  • Read warranties/guarantees to understand what you must do and what the manufacturer must do if you have a problem. Make sure that a guarantee ruling does exist should the supplier or shop go bankrupt. If not, do not make any payments.
  • Read contract terms carefully. Make sure all blank spaces are filled in before you sign it.
  • Ask the sales person to explain the store's return or exchange policy.

Don't assume an item is a bargain just because it is advertised as one.