Company Profile




a.    Our core business is to provide reliable consumers of goods and services that will boost sales and marketing targets of service providers

b.    We specialize in conducting direct sales and marketing approach

c.    We perform customer satisfaction surveys

d.    We provide customer care services



a.    We have a very resourceful consumer database that is daily managed and updated

b.    We have clients that are always eyeing to purchase at the right price

c.    We have sustained a long term relationship with our clients and they trust our judgement

d.    We educate our clients with regards to their rights (Consumer Protection Act No.68 of 2008 )



a.    We approach businesses and inform them about how they can benefit from our services

b.    We have a system in place that gives us a clear view of our clients who are ready to buy goods and services

c.    We communicate and direct our client to the right suppliers or service providers

d.    We also facilitate our clients buying process to form a true record for our clients consumer behavior